Rizky Syaiful di Pulau Seribu

A piece of star dust,
which get busy living,
while wait for the death.

Rizky Syaiful

Hi, My name is Rizky Syaiful! :)
Know me more, so I can help you better... ;)

The equation below describes me very well...

Rizky Syaiful & Elon Musk


At 2007, in my senior high school 2nd year,
I submitted this business proposal to a competition held by ministry.
My idea:
but focus on teaching money-generating skills,
distributed by VCD/DVD.
Remember, YouTube wasn't even a thing back then.
(I didn't win, in case you wondering.)

No surprise, at 2016, I created a YouTube video series
on how to live a well life.
The first thing is being logistically secured—or financially independent.
(I pause the video update. Because I want to make some passive assets,
so that I can share the journey on the following episode.)

Not only at individual level,
human as a group is also facinated me.
In 2014, I launched a pet project called Wikikandidat.
The goal is to reduce political cost—campaign, lobbying, etc.
By providing a student-guarded wiki of election nominees.
(We got 26k users at legislative election—not much at other election.)

I really really want to participate in uplifting humanity.

"But how do you feed yourself? None of those generate money."

Yeah. You right. Luckily, I have some career capitals
in software development training.

Rizky Syaiful sedang mengajar

I worked 1 year for a Scrum.org trainer,
and after that I give Scrum training for 3 years.
Ex-trainees said I'm pretty good at it.

For now, my training career funds me & my project.

And I know: that's bad.
I haven't sold my startup &
become a billionaire like Elon Musk.

But it won't be long. Because now,
I combine my career capital, my audiences,
& my drive to uplift humanity, to one product:

Rizky Syaiful's new venture


Remember my Udemy-like idea at 2017?
I'm creating just like that, but focus on agile software development skills.

I tested the demand by selling it on Scrum conference.
Just with the prototype of the product. Got 6 buyers.

Validasi di konferensi Scrum


Building this stuff means I don't murder
my career capital—and recent cashflow.
It even strenghtens it!

So, wish me luck...! :)