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Bonus: My Closest Big Goal

I used to teach startup (or any team who build new software) to visualize their closest big goal. Then, lay out their plans to reach that goal. It can be drilled down to what should they're doing now.

Now, I'll use it for my personal life. Keep in mind that this closest big goal is very updateable. Readjusting a goal is very normal, not having it isn't.

Closest Big Goal

What is it? Where did it came from? Closest Big Goal is a self-explanatory term. It's any goal that aligned with your life theme. My life theme is to uplift humanity happiness level.

So, this is my Closest Big Goal: at the end of 2016, I'll be a CEO of my own running software company. It is a software company which creates a product that improve human happiness. I can't explain it more here, other than the codename is 'Terong'. I have validate the need on small base of users, but in case turned out, wider users don't like 'Terong', I've several other ideas—that also improve human happiness.

Small Goals



In Progress:

To Be Done:

Ping @RizkySyaiful, if you think you can help me getting closer to my goal.

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Last update, December 2015
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